About the Innovation Day


This event is intended for Engineering, Research & Development decision makers from various industries. We are facing a new disruptive era of technological innovations, driven by demand of key factors like changing consumer behaviour, macroeconomic trends and the environment. Developments such as the adoption of robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Autonomous driving and Big Data analytics to name a few, will lead to an abundant list of opportunities for the technology sector with R&D becoming the lifeblood of sustainable business success.This event is all about getting insights and answers to global trends, developments and challenges. As the global leader in engineering and research & development services, Altran assumes its leadership role by connecting decision makers across industries and offering participation to this event for free.

Key event details

  • 2 October, Van der Valk Utrecht
  • Free admittance after registration
  • 300 industry decision makers
  • Valuable presentations
  • Exciting technology demo's


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