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Disruptive digital technologies are exerting such an impact on modern civilization that late adopters are risking nothing short of disappearance. Above all, this revolution is a great opportunity to create new business models. How do companies adapt to (digital) disruptions and transform their businesses? Presentations in this stream share some great examples of challenges, transformations and implementations of innovation roadmaps.

10.45 - 11.15 Mark van Hagen - Principal Consultant at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

On track for a 9+ digital customer experience

Every day, the NS serves more than 1,2 million customers at around 400 stations throughout the Netherlands. Since the first rail track opened in 1839, both technology and the needs of rail passengers have changed enormously. As technology has brought us close to an era in which everything we want seems to be possible, it is more important than ever to go back to what people really need. NS researched for many years the core drivers of customer experience in the journey from door-to-door and used it to develop their customer innovation framework. Mark van Hagen will share in this presentation how the customer innovation framework can help the (digital) transformation, with a clear focus on what the key challenges are for mobility of the future.

11.45 - 12.15 Arjen van Elteren - Senior Software Architect at Nearfield Instruments

Atom-scale metrology at industrial throughput

The driver in the semiconductor industry is to create faster, lower-power chips that have more functionality. This can be achieved by making even more complex 3D structures built up from smaller and smaller features and being able to do that reliably enough to ensure high yields. Nearfield Instruments is developing its first ultrafast high-throughput scanning probe microscopy (HT-SPM) system for metrology of advanced ICs. In this talk the development of this system and the applications in semiconductor metrology will be presented.

14.30 - 15.00 Serpil Tascioglu - Director R&D Foods Transformation at Unilever

Driving transformative change to build sustainable food systems

How to feed the 9 billion human beings to come by 2050? This is the big question that is at the heart of research in the agri-food industry. Some of the answers to this question will be developed in the silicon valley of foods in Wageningen where Unilever will open its Global Food Innovation Center this fall. In her presentation, Serpil will share some examples of recent food innovations and explain how researchers keep moving forward developing the new food products of tomorrow.

15.30 - 16.00 Ian Lee - Creative Director frog design London

Convergent Design: Designing next-gen customer experiences

Transformational technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, computer vision and voice interfaces are now more prevalent and the “ambient computing” paradigm long imagined by futurists is fast becoming a reality across our lives. All of this is driving a new “convergent” form of designing customer experiences that merges physical, digital, and services and blurs the boundaries between our offline and online worlds. Preparing an organization to innovate for this convergent future is critical. The conventional approach to innovation has left us with solutions and customer experiences that are rarely seamless and often frustrating, and those companies that try to cling to being digital, service, or product-centric will only be left behind.