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Healthcare is going through a rapid change. Disease identification, diagnosis and (early stage) drug discovery will benefit from AI & Analytics and patient centric medical devices are smarter, connected and more userfriendly. This innovation stream covers some great examples of breakthrough innovations in the healthcare industry. 

10.45 - 11.15 David Dungate - Head of Solution Innovation at Tessella

The use of Advanced Analytics in Health: current state of affairs, practical examples and a vision for the future

Analytics and AI are already having a significant impact on all aspects of the healthcare value chain. New sources of data combined with modern algorithms are unlocking insights and accelerating progress across drug discovery, clinical trials, diagnosis, and patient treatment. We share highlights of some current work to illustrate this. Examples include:  accelerating the generation of candidate drug molecules, increasing the insights and knowledge acquired from clinical trials, accelerating diagnostic decision making, and using wearable sensors to personalize patient treatment. We then reflect on the design of healthcare processes that effectively combine AI and health professionals as well as the role of emerging initiatives such as explainable AI.

11.45 - 12.15 Lars Schiemanck - Chief Operations Officer at Microsure

Microsurgical Robotics: New Possibilities

Why is Microsure developing a robot for the Microsurgical clinical specialty. Is there a need for this innovation and which future clinical innovations will potentially benefit?

14.30 - 15.00 Andrew Koubatis - Solution Director / Medical Device Lead at Altran Switzerland

Emerging opportunities with Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are a new category of potentially breakthrough interventions that support, enhance or even replace traditional therapies. They are characterized by the application of high quality software and data to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. Digital Therapeutics represent an incredible growth opportunity because of their potential to empower patients and healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes and reduce costs for payers. We provide an overview of the Digital Therapeutics market, discuss the benefits they can bring and show how to bring these new products to market fast without breaking the rules.

15.30 - 16.00 Luuk Evers - Senior Innovation Manager & Business Developer at Pontes Medical

De do's & don'ts uit +10 jaar ervaring in medtech innovaties (presentation in Dutch)

In mijn presentatie zal ik ingaan op de nieuwe innovatiemethode die Pontes Medical heeft ontwikkeld en al 10 jaar met succes toepast in het UMC Utrecht en Amsterdam UMC. Pontes betekent bruggen en de kracht zit in samenwerking. We starten altijd met een klinische behoefte en toetsen op klinische impact. Vervolgens betrekken we alle partijen die nodig zijn voor succes van het begin tot het eind bij het proces. We slaan de bruggen tussen medische, technische en commerciële belangen. Hierdoor krijgen alle factoren die van belang zijn voor succes continu aandacht en wordt er een product ontwikkeld dat precies doet wat het moet doen en goed past in de klinische praktijk. Ik ga ook in op de fouten die we hebben gemaakt en wat we daar van geleerd hebben.