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10.00 - 10.45 Walid Negm - Group Chief Innovation Officer at Altran

10X vs 10% - Finding the right balance between bold ambitions and small victories

Transformation of a company is an ongoing journey that needs a dual commitment to innovation: embracing new activities and energizing the core business. How can companies play the full spectrum of innovation to get through uncertain economic times? It’s a balancing act where small wins give the confidence to turn ideas into commercial outcomes and landing ambitious moves needs a focus on great execution. In his presentation, Walid will share four ways that can help companies get the most of 10x disruptive growth and 10% incremental improvement. 

13.45 - 14.30 Egbert-Jan Sol - TNO Industry & Director Dutch Smart Industry program, a joint initiative by FME, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and TNO

Smart Industry

Smart Industry is the Dutch program around the fourth Industrial Revolution. As the Internet of Things evolves more and more manufacturing equipment, but also the products they produces become smart. The result of this technology development has impact on the businesses. Large OEM companies become more and more servitisation type companies, driven by the data they collect, where as they outsource more and more of the manufacturing to supplies who have to deal with small series and continuously changing designs. It is in this context that digital twinning, data platforms, 3D printing, cobots, AGV, etc, but also the need of standards as the OPC-UA, the IDS etc. are hot topics. But the main worry is the lack of people with digital skills. The Dutch Smart Industry program started with the fieldlab concept where in public-private partnership new technologies were investigated, but today training the existing workforce is becoming the key challenge. And with IoT, soon Artificial Intellingence and Blockchain and further on quantum computing, all with unknown impact on businesses, one aspect will not change: the need for life-long learning.